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The Law Firm Ingroia, which has its headquarters in the historic center of Rome, mainly deals with criminal law, but not exclusively.
The LawyerIngroia, in natural progression and consistency with his 25 years of anti-Mafia Magistrature battles for Truth and Justice, dealing with many cases of Miscarriage of Justice. He defends victims of crime that have often been forgotten by the justice system, where the innocent have become victims of greater powers. There are many plaintiffs and victims of crimes for whom justice has been denied, who are assisted by Ingroia and his staff.
The study in fact employs a team of professionals specializing in various subjects, from Criminal Law to Organized Crime, Tax and Corporate Law, but also Administrative Law, Civil, Commercial and Company Law. They operate throughout the country, defending before all courts, including the Supreme Court.
Therefore, the law firm is able to offer advice and legal assistance in all areas, operating both Nationally and also in Europe.